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I have a few covers planned out. One is a redo of "The Underdog" because the recording I uploaded sucks. I'm waiting to get a better recording mechanism so the recordings might actually sound good. I'm also planning a rock cover of Heavy Terror Machine by alexthedj. So yeah. Also if you want to email me instead of sending me a private message on newgrounds my email is THIS IS ONLY FOR BUSINESS REASONS YOU TROLLS!!!


2010-08-01 15:30:05 by NoirTiger

For those of you who actually enjoy my audio posts by Backlash, I'm glad you did. But we only recorded 5 songs. It was also a one-time thing so we won't be doing any more recordings. My question to you all is this: the last Backlash song is a blues song. Should I still upload it? Please comment on this in reply. Also please go listen to the other Backlash songs and rate and review them. Thanks!


2010-07-22 13:33:40 by NoirTiger

I found this guy on YouTube who does some pretty good dubstep remixes. His name is Chrispy (Chrispy) He's pretty good. Thought I'd link to his page.

I'm Making a Post

2010-07-14 19:26:53 by NoirTiger

It's interesting that I'm making a post that no one's going to read. Anyways for anyone mildly interested who for some reason may be reading this I will hopefully begin recording songs soon. I will mainly be doing covers unless I decide to try and write something myself. Oh well.